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2010-09-13 02:02 pm


Peeps who've just subbed to my DW blog: I rarely write here. I'm still mostly on LJ. But the RSS feed of that can be read here as either http://oldbloke-at-lj-feed.dreamwidth.org/ or, if it;s working right, http://oldbloke.livejournal.com/data/rss
Also, as I rarely write here, I'm rarely here at all, so I may not read you if you only write here
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2010-09-12 09:25 pm

So, anyway

If you're decamping from LJ to here and you want to see my stuff without leaving, this is the RSS feed for it: http://oldbloke-at-lj-feed.dreamwidth.org/
Although http://oldbloke/livejournal.com/data/rss ought to work too, IIRC.
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2010-09-12 05:25 pm


I'd quite forgotten I'd set things up so my LJ posts get fed to my DW blog.
I have a funny idea it goes the other way too...
Wonder if my nick is free on Blogspot?
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2009-07-15 09:55 am

rum tum tiddle

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2009-07-14 04:23 pm


You can't help worrying a bit when the cat pukes, and the litter trays show a couple of big wees and a touch of diarhoea, and he ignores breakfast and lunch, and generally sits about looking mopy.
He went out for a long time, and when he came back he had a bit of dry food.
I suppose he ate something that disagreed with him - possibly a shrew... or drank some bad water or soemthing. Or it could be a bug. Nothing serious, I guess.
When I was raspberrying, I saw a cat that was scary thin, if I'd seen it in our garden I'd have fed it probably, looked starved rather than ill. Smogg will never starve as long as there are shrews and mice about. Though he will have to get the idea that they're edible (except for the green wobbly bit)
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2009-07-14 04:07 pm


Picked 1.160kg of wild raspberries today.
What's in the back garden should get that up to 1.500kg easily.
Jam, or raspberry vodka???
Both, perhaps.
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2009-07-14 02:24 pm


Just a test
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2009-06-25 08:31 pm

Master Hu

Back to ordinary Peggle, just to see...
Master Hu throughout...
New high score!
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2009-06-25 09:21 am


So I'm geting Jack dressed and I think, that shirt looks a bit big, so I check, and it's a 26" with no name in it, when his are all 22/24 with his name on the label.
Probably Edward's (who isn't in today) but there's a chance we may never find out.
And one of his remaining two has some kind of marker on it that won't come out.
Maybe we'll be buying a couple of new ones after all.
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2009-06-24 11:19 pm

Deal or no deal?

Digital freeview box - badged Setanta, but with the Setanta viewing card removed as it's now useless - at Asda for under 8 quid. Still works as a Freeview box obviously.

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2009-06-24 10:24 pm

money money money

As occasionally happens if one leaves one's online bookie accounts dormant, BetFair sent me an email offering to give me a fiver after the weekend if I bet a fiver by Saturday - and it had to be a multiple on the tennis.
So, I just picked 5 really short-price favourites from today's matches - the rolled-up odds over the accumulator was just about dead-on even money, tha's how short the individual odds were.
Bet came in, so I make my quid (or 20% of stake, sounds better, eh?), and I look forward to my fiver coming along shortly. Huzzah etc.
Was wondering whether to extend my F1 hedge to BArrichello and/or Webber, but I really don't think they've got it in them. I make money whether Button or Vettel is champion, and unless something changes radically I can't see anybody else getting a sniff.
I might ship a bit over to BetFair's poker room and play a small (or a couple of very small) SnGs. Or maybe they have a tinystakes PLO8 cash game...
I really ought to investigate their freerolls, too.
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2009-06-24 01:03 pm

F1 survives

FOTA and the FIA have reached an agreement.
Max will not seek re-election.
No other detail yet, except that it looks like the cost-reduction will be introduced more slowly.
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2009-06-23 05:15 pm

Peggle Nights

24anarf mill using only Splork. Interesting.
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2009-06-19 09:39 am

Sh*t, let me introduce you to Fan

FOTA to set up breakway series

Could be the ultimate bluff, of course.
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2009-06-18 03:00 pm

We can haz sossige

I dunno how many sossies you buy at a time, but with our gluten-free requirements we sometimes go to specialists, which makes a slightly larger order more sensible.

The box was 24x13x10 inches.

Take 1" off both width and length for packing, 2" or a little under off the height for packing and chillbags.
That still leaves around 2200 cubic inches of space for sossies - though some of it's taken up by the bonus burgers...

I think we can say we're sorted for sossige, for some time to come.

OTOH, I promised the butcher in Tod Market I'd buy some off him tomorrow.
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2009-06-17 11:21 pm

Lord Cinderbottom

OK, so to please my dear son, I've proved one can complete Peggle Nights using only Lord Cinderbottom.
I can't recommend it though: final score under 20million.